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We offer a timing belt replacement service for all vehicles using genuine or high quality aftermarket parts.


What is a timing belt ?
Quite simply, the timing belt (also known as a cambelt) is a kevlar impregnated rubber toothed drive belt that connects the camshaft at the top of your engine to the crankshaft at the bottom. The timing belt ensures syncronisation between the valves in the cylinder head and the pistons in the cylinder block. To keep the timing belt at the right tension and in the right position it is guided by tensioners.


Why should it be replaced ?
Under normal conditions the timing belt is under a lot of strain, not only with the speed at which it moves in your engine, but also with the incredible heat generated. This means that after a time it wears and should be replaced. If the engine has an oil or water leak the timing belt can become contaminated and its effective life drastically shortened. If the timing belt is too worn or becomes contaminated there is a danger of it snapping.


What happens when the timing belt snaps?
If the timing belt snaps the valves and pistons in your engine are no longer in syncronisation and will collide causing untold damage to your engine, repair of which can run into thousands of pounds.

A worn or contaminated timing belt can snap at any time without warning whether the car is idling on your drive or at the speed limit on the motorway. The problems caused by a snapped timing belt are instantaneous.

When should the timing belt be replaced ?
Each vehicle manufacturer has their own guidelines as to when timing belts should be replaced, this is measured either in the number of miles your vehicle has covered or it''s age. Some manufacturers recommend that the timing belt tensioners are also replaced.
If you don''t know the history of your timing belt we would recommend that you check your vehicles service history or, if in doubt, get it replaced.
To find out the cost of a replacement for your vehicle and when it should be replaced please don''t hesitate to contact us on 01243 838336.

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