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Our Service
We offer an exhaust check and fitting service and can replace individual sections or the whole system as required. We also supply and fit catalytic converters.

What is the exhaust system ?
Your cars exhaust system is a series of metal pipes and boxes specially designed to channel engine emissions away from the front of the vehicle, reduce engine noise and maintain optimum fuel efficiency.
The engine emissions are a combination of six gases including carbon monoxide. The job of the exhaust, catalytic converter and its monitoring system is to maintain the correct balance of emissions, check the engine is running efficiently and move the emissions away from the vehicle occupants and safely out of the rear of the vehicle.


How does the exhaust system wear ?
Most exhaust systems are made from mild steel which is prone to rusting under normal conditions. In the case of a exhaust system this rusting is also accentuated by the water that is produced by the engine along with the vehicle emissions and travels through the exhaust system to be ejected at the tailpipe.
Due to their positioning, under your vehicle, exhaust systems also come into contact with any water that is thrown up from the road.


What is a catalytic converter ?
A vital part of today''s vehicles exhaust systems is the ''Catalytic Converters''. This changes the properties of noxious gasses produced by the engine combustion chambers in to a more environmentally friendly emission. All petrol cars manufactured from 1993 have catalytic converters fitted and all diesel cars from 1997.


What happens if my exhaust is faulty ?
Your vehicle will also fail its MoT test if the exhaust system has a fault resulting in incorrect emissions levels being recorded or if the system is rusty and lets gasses escape before the tailpipe.
To find out the cost of a replacement exhaust section or system for your vehicle please don''t hesistate to contact us on 01243 838336.

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