Our certified technician will firstly give your vehicle a complete and thorough diagnosis. If your vehicle's problem can not be corrected by adjustments or repairs we will then recommend our Rebuild Service.
This service includes:
Removal of your transmission from the vehicle
  • Complete dis-assembly of your transmission 
  • Our technicians will give your transmission a thorough cleaning and it's internal and external components will be inspected by our expert technicians
  • Replacement of general wear parts such as gaskets, filters, seals, bushings, bearings and any others made from soft materials
  • Inspection of all hard wearing parts including gears, clutch, pressure plate and flywheel
  • Replacement of those parts recommended by your vehicle manufacturer
  • Reassembly of your transmission to factory specification including any necessary adjustments
  • Reinstallation of your transmission into the vehicleRefill fluid to the full level with fresh, clean transmission fluid
Once completed your vehicle will be road tested to ensure all of the problems you have been experiencing have been corrected and any external adjustments will be made as required.
If you would like more information on this service or would like to book in your vehicle please Call 01243 838336

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